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look how fucking ridiculously happy that cat is


look how fucking ridiculously happy that cat is

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Hello againnnn~

I wanted to get most of the first few packages shipped out before I uploaded the second sales post nvn I guess these sales post are getting more and more common, right? 
As always, information first!
- I ship from CA, USA
- All packages come with a tracking number (Domestic Shipping)
- Prices include shipping ONLY IN THE USA
- I will ship internationally, but it will not come with tracking and it’s also riskier so.. that’s kind of up to you LOL. I will provide proof of shipping, etc. I have only done it once, and that ended up just great, so.. n__n
- I ship daily except for weekends c:
- I accept haggling
- I have been doing this for a while, so I can provide you with feedback if you’d like! Never ever lost a package ever~ nwn
- Please feel free to ask me for information like sizing blah blah photos, totally cool with me~

Onto the sales: 
I Love Glaceon Keychain plush (small) Mint (No Tag) - $12 Shipped OBO
I Love Eevee Keychain plush (small) NWT - $16 Shipped OBO
Fennekin 2013 Promo Scrunchie w/ Charm NIP - $11 Shipped OBO
Fennekin 2013 Promo Drawstring Baggie NIP - $15 Shipped OBO
Ghost / Physic Type Pouch NWT - $21 Shipped OBO [It fits a DSLite so I’m pretty sure it can fit a 3DS, it CANNOT fit a 3ds XL though, you can also use it to carry your phone or something, carry your hamster in it or something LOOL]  

Alright tyty! nvn If you’re interested in anything just send me an ask~

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"You don’t know the first thing about sacrifice!”

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